Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SWIRLYDOOS has been hacked!!!!

Go check out www.swirlydoos.blogspot.com to read Krissy's message to all Swirlydoos subscribers and members, and please leave a comment to show her your support. This makes me so mad that people destroy other people's work just because they CAN!!! It really makes no sense at all! It also makes me sad, because we Swirlies lost our favorite hangout place. The place where we could show, share, care, support, learn , laugh, cry, create, celebrate, document all the events and persons that are important in our lives. It is always the first and last place I go to when I start or end my day. I love that it is a safe place to meet friends. Yes friends, because although I haven't met most Swirlies in person, it really feels as if we know each other very well.

Anyway, they might have destroyed our virtual world, but they can't take away our Swirly spirit. I'm sure that the new Swirlydoos website will be even better than before. In the meantime, stay tuned on the Swirlydoos blog, because all Swirly communications will go thru there, as well as the reveal of the July kit tomorrow!

CU tomorrow for the reveal of the LO's I did with the Swirly July kit!


A Few of My Favorite Things said...

Well said Bonnie! I really missed the site today, didn't realize just how much of a part of my day it's become.

Swirlies Rock!!!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Well, I was so shocked. I signed up for my first kit on Sunday although I've roamed the site many times. I ejoyed reading and learning lots of things on the kit forum Sunday afternoon ... now all that info is gone. But I'm so glad the Swirly spirit is still there! Looking forward to my first kit arriving soon!

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