Monday, March 15, 2010

More Playtime

Just wanted to share a few things that I've done the past few days.

My first attempt to work with beeswax. It wasn't as easy as it looked on Suze Weinberg's tutorial. I'm not entirely happy with the result and I don't know if it is finished, or not. Maybe I have to put more stuff on it. That is one of the nice things of working with wax. It is very forgiving. You can always melt it and add, move, and/or remove stuff. Will keep you posted.

This book/box is altered with with stuff from my stash and some left-overs from the Swirlydoos Butterfly whispers kit. I cut some flowers from lace and tule.
Thanks for stopping by.



Carmen said...

Looks good from here! Lol...I've never used wax, but there are some tutorials on Ink Stains that I want to check out on that. Love the new background!

wendela said...

oowwww wow beeswax!! I love to work with it, and it smells so very good!! beautiful done!!


Cindy Gay said...

Both layouts are very nice. Love the photos. You didn't say who they were.

zandra said...

They look fabulous! have a great weekend!
Hugz, Z

Jackie Anderson said...

I blew up your layout to get a better look at that wax and it looks fabulous! Do you put in in a protective sleeve, and how does it do?

Gerry said...

Amazing work, Bonnie!!!!

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